Valentine 2013

This was our first Valentine's Day as a married couple but we stayed home and had dinner, then went to bed early. It wasn't what you would typically call a romantic night, but I was in a lot of pain yesterday to a point where I almost called 911. I got scolded from both Mom and S for not calling them, but I think I passed out from the pain.

All in all, we had a good evening & morning after. S brought home flowers that's already in a vase by our window and gave me the sweetest card with THE GIFT- a Gloomy Bear Kigurumi!


Kigurumi is basically a full-body, hooded animal pyjamas that kind of looks like a costume but really is just a super cute onesie from Japan. Kigurumi Canada, where S bought it from, is coming to ComiCon this year so we plan on getting one for him as well- they're soft, warm and super cute!

As for myself, I got him a video card for his computer (yes, both our gifts are kind of dorky) and made him a tie. I hand stitched a small heart with his initials to make it a bit more special :) 

Happy Valentine's Day!

PS: I am thinking about selling handmade ties online this year. Should I do it?
PSS: I need photoshop...


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