4 months old (May)

Likes: Going out for walks with mommy. Doing 'weezus'* with daddy.
Dislikes: Napping. Tummy time.
Favourite Book: Where the Wild Things Are, By Maurice Sendak & This Moose Belongs To Me, By Oliver Jeffers

Measurements: 6.3 kg & 64 cm
Doctor's Notes: She's tall, just like her daddy! (This is exactly what she said) Wouldn't know she was born 5 weeks early now. Don't need to see the doctor until July since she's doing so well.

It's official. Rosie hates sleeping. It's not that she's not sleepy though. She's really really tired but just doesn't want to sleep. I have to read and read and read and read OR plop her down in the stroller and go for multiple walks throughout the day for her to sleep. Not fun!!!

We also celebrated her 100 days since she's half Korean. We did it really small with only my side of the family coming by for dinner and arranging the baekilsang (백일상), a table to celebrate her 100 days. I'll talk about this in another post sometime.

Gosh I love her cheeks. Nomnomnom.

*Weezus is a new pose that Scott's friend Robert taught us. It's basically holding her entire body in one of our arms and swinging her like she's superman. She LOVES it.


3 months old (April)

Likes: Still sleeping and falling asleep on mommy and daddy's chest after a bottle. Her grandmas. Reading books with mommy and daddy. Sitting close to mommy and daddy by the table while they're eating.
Dislikes: Bibs and hats. Still no to burping. Tummy time.
Favourite Book: Sparky! By Jenny Offill & Chris Appelhans

Measurements: 5.6 kg
Doctor's Notes: Gaining weight beautifully. Can sleep longer if she wants to, but if she sleeps good at night don't worry about day time naps.

Rosemary doesn't really cry or make much sounds in general. She's a very quiet baby (and pretty chill) except when we read together. Ok, so she probably doesn't read yet but when we read her books she starts making sounds like she's reading and when we reach the end of the book she stops as well. See what I mean?

'My sloth arrived by express mail'

2 months old (March)

Likes: Still sleep, sleep and more sleep. Falling asleep on her parent's chest after a bottle. Rocking in her Mamaroo. Staring into space.
Dislikes: Still hates burping.
Favourite Book: Look Look! By Peter Linenthal

Measurements: 4.7 kg & 56 cm
Doctor's Notes: Doing great! Ok to go to formula only (Need to stop breastfeeding for my medication) Didn't cry at her first immunization shots. Second rounds on May.

Rosemary can finally see me. Right before a feeding on February 28, she looked at me, started whimpering and smiling at the same time. She teared up (for the first time) and so have I. We just smiled and cried together. It was wonderful. I love her so much.

'I see you now'

1 month old (February)

Likes: Sleep, sleep and more sleep.
Dislikes: Being burped.

Measurements: 3.5 kg & 42 cm
Doctor's Notes: No more heart murmur! YAY!! Start tummy time before feedings and get ready for immunization shots starting next month.

It was a rather difficult pregnancy and I had her 5 weeks early after a few scary nights in the hospital. She wasn't the healthiest baby when she was born but at 2.7kg she was rather big compared to other NICU babies. She was still considered a preemie and had a breathing issue so we had to stay in the hospital for another 2 weeks.

On a side note, I was happy that my baby looked Asian back then but now I see that she did have jaundice. (She was under the blue lights in NICU) She looks like an oompa loompa. Maybe oompa loompas had jaundice.