2 months old (March)

Likes: Still sleep, sleep and more sleep. Falling asleep on her parent's chest after a bottle. Rocking in her Mamaroo. Staring into space.
Dislikes: Still hates burping.
Favourite Book: Look Look! By Peter Linenthal

Measurements: 4.7 kg & 56 cm
Doctor's Notes: Doing great! Ok to go to formula only (Need to stop breastfeeding for my medication) Didn't cry at her first immunization shots. Second rounds on May.

Rosemary can finally see me. Right before a feeding on February 28, she looked at me, started whimpering and smiling at the same time. She teared up (for the first time) and so have I. We just smiled and cried together. It was wonderful. I love her so much.

'I see you now'

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