1 month old (February)

Likes: Sleep, sleep and more sleep.
Dislikes: Being burped.

Measurements: 3.5 kg & 42 cm
Doctor's Notes: No more heart murmur! YAY!! Start tummy time before feedings and get ready for immunization shots starting next month.

It was a rather difficult pregnancy and I had her 5 weeks early after a few scary nights in the hospital. She wasn't the healthiest baby when she was born but at 2.7kg she was rather big compared to other NICU babies. She was still considered a preemie and had a breathing issue so we had to stay in the hospital for another 2 weeks.

On a side note, I was happy that my baby looked Asian back then but now I see that she did have jaundice. (She was under the blue lights in NICU) She looks like an oompa loompa. Maybe oompa loompas had jaundice.

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