3 months old (April)

Likes: Still sleeping and falling asleep on mommy and daddy's chest after a bottle. Her grandmas. Reading books with mommy and daddy. Sitting close to mommy and daddy by the table while they're eating.
Dislikes: Bibs and hats. Still no to burping. Tummy time.
Favourite Book: Sparky! By Jenny Offill & Chris Appelhans

Measurements: 5.6 kg
Doctor's Notes: Gaining weight beautifully. Can sleep longer if she wants to, but if she sleeps good at night don't worry about day time naps.

Rosemary doesn't really cry or make much sounds in general. She's a very quiet baby (and pretty chill) except when we read together. Ok, so she probably doesn't read yet but when we read her books she starts making sounds like she's reading and when we reach the end of the book she stops as well. See what I mean?

'My sloth arrived by express mail'

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