4 months old (May)

Likes: Going out for walks with mommy. Doing 'weezus'* with daddy.
Dislikes: Napping. Tummy time.
Favourite Book: Where the Wild Things Are, By Maurice Sendak & This Moose Belongs To Me, By Oliver Jeffers

Measurements: 6.3 kg & 64 cm
Doctor's Notes: She's tall, just like her daddy! (This is exactly what she said) Wouldn't know she was born 5 weeks early now. Don't need to see the doctor until July since she's doing so well.

It's official. Rosie hates sleeping. It's not that she's not sleepy though. She's really really tired but just doesn't want to sleep. I have to read and read and read and read OR plop her down in the stroller and go for multiple walks throughout the day for her to sleep. Not fun!!!

We also celebrated her 100 days since she's half Korean. We did it really small with only my side of the family coming by for dinner and arranging the baekilsang (백일상), a table to celebrate her 100 days. I'll talk about this in another post sometime.

Gosh I love her cheeks. Nomnomnom.

*Weezus is a new pose that Scott's friend Robert taught us. It's basically holding her entire body in one of our arms and swinging her like she's superman. She LOVES it.

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