5 months old (June)

Likes: Tummy time. Going out for walks. Her high chair. 
Dislikes: Napping. Flipping. Solids. 
Favourite Book: Guess How Much I Love You, By Sam McBratney & Where the Wild Things Are, By Maurice Sendak

Measurements: N/A
Doctor's Notes: N/A

Rosie didn't like laying down on the infant seat anymore so we took it off and got attachments for the high chair. (Another thing to write a review about!) She really likes it and wants to sit by us when we eat now. She's more curious about her surroundings now so she enjoys her tummy time too since she can look ahead instead of staring at the ceiling all the time. 

Rosie also started rolling her body to the side and flipped a couple of times by mistake- and she hates it! Sometimes she flips over unintentionally and starts crying because she surprised herself. It's cute and sad at the same time. She just can't help rolling though. 

I also tried giving her solids this month. It took a while for me to decide whether to start giving her rice cereal or do it the Korean way and make rice gruel which takes a bit of work. Since I'll probably have only one child, I decided some work is worth it and make rice gruel myself. I bought a few Korean books off the internet for the first time to learn more about making baby foods. The books helped me a lot and confirmed that making rice gruel was the right decision for me. BUT as much as Rosie loved it the first time she tried it, she pushed away the spoon with her tongue over the next few days. The book told me to take a few weeks off and try again later since I didn't want to force her and think food time is bad. It recommends that I start feeding her solids at 4-6 months and since her gestational age is only 4 months I decided to wait another month. I figured once she was ready she'll give me hints. 

Overall, Rosie is a very happy baby! She had fun hanging out with my friends at a fundraiser and my side of the family on my mom's birthday. She really does love people and I'm happy that she doesn't mind being held by others for long periods of time without any fussiness. 

Oh, and she still has a bald spot that reminds me of a man with a beard. I decided to call him I.P. Allott (I pee a lot).

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